Reiki healing is possible without the practitioner and the person being healed to be physically present at one place during the healing session. It is used when the person is not physically present such as someone in hospital or living far-away in another town or any where in the world .


At Third Eye Reiki Services™ we give such distant healing services and have successfully healed many people through distance healing sessions. You can request for a distant healing by clicking the link below.

Healing from one part of the globe to another remotely!....
Distant Healing

Who needs Reiki Distant Healing?

    Every known illness and injury and also serious problems like cancer, heart diseases, mental disorders, depression, Even broken bones, skin problems, flu, sore throat, insomnia, impotence, blood pressure diabetes, etc, can be treated with Reiki. Reiki works in harmony with all other kinds of treatment.
Children, students and people of all walks of life can be given reiki treatment.