Reiki and Human Intelligence

      In order to understand what intelligence is we have to analyze how mind works and what role the different components of the human mind plays.

    Our minds are powered by the Life Force Energy flowing through the charkas into the body. Human body is receptive to the Life Force Energy present in the atmosphere and surroundings. The charkas that support the mental activities are the sahasrara (crown chakra) and the ajna (third eye).

     Mind is composed of the Intellect and the memory. The memory is further divided into short term or long term memory. Short term memory deals with the memory of day to day recent events. While long term memory is one that stores only necessary information for use on a long term. e.g.: while attending a class all the events in the class may be in the short term memory, while important concepts and happenings are registered in the long term memory.

     Intellect is different from Intelligence. Intellect is the reasoning capability of the mind. It analyses and reasons the input i.e. from the five senses and compares and reasons them with the backdrop of the accumulated information in the form of memory.

     The intellect operates in the domain of the mind. It is not spontaneous. It merely processes the information in the memory.
     Intelligence is the creative ability of the humans. It is something beyond the mind. It is spontaneous, not bound by time. Intelligence is driven directly by the LFE flowing through us.

     The thought process is not under our control. Try closing your eyes we experience alternative intervals of thought and thoughtless states. We seem to get an endless stream of thoughts for a period of time and no thoughts for some time. Try controlling your thoughts the more we try the more our efforts go in vain. To control our thoughts we have to watch them without putting any meaning to it, we can see that they slowly subside and there are no thoughts any more or are completely aware of the thoughts and the surroundings yet detached from them, at this point one is in a thought-less state this is the basis of meditation.

         Reiki is Intelligence itself. It is Spontaneous it has an innate intelligence of itself. It is possible to activate the mental chakra centers with reiki, these results in an instant increase in the reasoning ability of the mind which is the intellect. The memory power as well as concentration can be easily scaled up with reiki. During the Reiki attunement process these centers are activated to channel reiki energy, once activated they stay open for ever. Reiki in this way is a boon for students.

    Mind is not your intelligence.

     It may sound strange but this is a truth, that mind is not your intelligence. Mind can be intellectual, which is a very poor substitute for intelligence. Intellectuality is mechanical. You can become a great scholar, a great professor, a great philosopher, just playing with words which are all borrowed, arranging and rearranging thoughts, none of which are your own.

    The intellect is absolutely bankrupt. It has nothing of its own, all is borrowed. And that´s the difference between intelligence and intellect. Intelligence has an eyesight of its own, a capacity to see into things, into problems.