We human beings are beings of light. Light is our true essence and nature.We are gifted with the power to choose what we want to be . We are the pattern of light we choose to be. This pattern can be changed to vibrant colors so that we can be healed and energized wholly and completely. This is possible by channeling a special form of light in the form of reiki energy and do self healing in reiki this rearranges the quantum of light and the basic constituent colours that mke us the light we are.

Light Workers

Light workers are bearers of light who have a special ability to work on and manipulate the light constituency of others. Light workers are energy workers they have the ability to channel concentrated form of positive Life Force Energy and then apply this energy on others to heal them effectively from any ailements they may suffer from.

The different form of healing a light worker undertakes are as follows.

Light Healing :

Use of the channeled light energy to heal others by tackling the root cause of any dis-stress.

Light Cleansing :

Use of light energy to cleanse of all the psychic debris and karmic impressions that clongs the system and blocks the free flow of life force energy into the system.

Light Shield:

Use of a Shield Of Light as a means of self defence from negetive energy and from negetive psychic attacks.

Cutting Psychic Chords using Sword of Light:

Psychic chords are chords at the etheric level that carry energy between persons and objects and even between events and different situations in life. Often there exist negetive psychic chords that latch onto a person and these chords need to be cut regularly to lead a joyful and harmonious life. This can be done with the help of angels or with the help of visualization that these negetive psychic chords being gathered into and bundle and being cut by a sword of light.

Light workers and Angels

Angels are being of light with a consciousness of their own who can help the light workers in their work of healing. Light workers often invoke the prescence of angels and take their help during the healing process such as psychic surgery.

Light channel

Light channel is the cosmic superhighway of light and energy that passes through the body and this channel flows through the spine through our body. In order to expand the light channel and activate the chakras that power the light channel one has to meditate regularly. To expand the light channel it can be easily done by practicing reiki and applying reiki symbols and healing the light channel with reiki energy to cleanse it of impurities and blockages and to energize it.