The Mikao Usui Story -  Birth Of Reiki

Dr. Mikao Usui

Mikao Usui the founder of reiki was the principal of a christian school . One day a student asked him if he could heal with his hands like jesus. Mikao Usui did not know how to do it , he then gave up his post as the principal and travelled to USA to study theology , After seven years of study failing how to heal one with his hands he had retuned home to japan.

In japan Mikao Usui continued his search by travelling from monastry to monastry asking if anyone knew about how to heal with the hands. It turned out that the art of healing with the hands once existed but extinct now, But Usui was determined to find out the art to heal with the hands. Usui used to spend a lot of time in the library he combed through almost all the books in the philosophy section, the librarian curious of what he was searching asked him, and he replied he wanted to learn the art of healing with the hands like jesus , the librarian said that he could find the answer for his quest from the sages of the himalayas . finally he came to an ashram in the himalayas in india where he stayed and studied . the sage there belived that if some one was truely dedicated and and does not give up they would achieve their quest . the sage also beleived that if some thing was known once it could be known again.

One day Mikao Usui Travelled to the mountains to meet a sage he told him what his aim was and the sage asked him to fast and meditate for 21 day in the sacred mountains, he started to do so at once he gathered 21 stones so that he could keep track of time and he threw one stone each morning. On the 21st day he was frustrated with himself as he did not get any vision on how to heal as said by the sage. So he decded to jump off the cliff as all effort was in vain and there was no use in living as he did not achieve his life purpose. As he was about to jump a great dazzling golden light hit him from the sky on his thirdeye and he got all the symbols and techniques to heal in his prophetic vision unable to bear the energy of this divinelight he fell unconscious , After several hours he regained consciousness, he was elated and he at once was on his way down hill to return to the ashram but on his way he triped on a rock and fell down and hurt his ankle badly. Mikao Usui then intutively placed his hands on the ankle for a few minutes and to his astonishment it got healed completly ans he was able to walk .
       At the bottom of the mountain he stopped at the wayside inn and the inn keeper's daughter had a tooth ache, he asked the girl if he could keep his hands on the girls face and after a few minutes the swelling came down and the pain was completely gone. At the ashram he healed the old sages arthiritis . 

      He returned to japan and there he wanted to heal thepoor and needy so he setup a healing camp for the beggers and healed them he healed the young people and sent them to the monastry for new clothes and a job. it is said that he continued to heal for seven years but he noticed the same faces comming for healing again and again they did not want to work and prefered to beg. So he sat on to meditate for a solution and from then on decided that there has to be an exchange of energy in the form of money for the healing and he charged for the healing sessions in his healing clinic.He taught reiki for the ones who were really intrested in making it a part of their lives.