Quantum Light

        Quantum Light is a Special form of Reiki healing Energy For the 21st century that is self-sufficient , eternal, all illuminating in nature, Very potent against dark energies both in removing and shielding them channeled by V B Roshan Shankar Narayan Form Third Eye Reiki Service.

       Qu antu m Light when used with reiki can be used directly with all reiki symbols it is self powering and propels all the symbols used into a psychic super highway so that the purpose of the reiki symbol is materialized, It gives instantaneous results.

       Quantum Light is a Dazzling white Healing energy that is suitable for healing and shielding one's body and aura. Most of the people suffering from various ailments have an aura that is impenetrable. It is difficult or quite tedious work is required at the level of energy to tackle these issues.

        For this very particular reason Quantum Light Shoots arrows of light that first penetrates the aura and attacks the root cause of the problem with enormous force, Once penetrated into the aura Quantum Shield is generated around the whole being, it Systematically Stage By Stage harmonizes and stabilizes the body and seals that person . The Quantum light dissolves all the psychic debris and makes the aura stable and radiating with positive energy.

       These Arrows of white light once shot from the Quantum light  engulfs the person, penetrates the areas of distress and transmutes itself into a thick paste like liquid that heals that area. So Quantum Light effectively shoots arrows of light that further upon penetration transmutes itself into an liquid essence that further heals the problem from the root cause of the situation at hand.

       Quantum Light was channeled with the presence of various gods and goddesses with the help and Guidance of Sri Sri MahaAvatar Babaji . It is Universal In Nature it infinite potential and healing ability soars high above the boundaries laid by religion, cast , creed , etc.