Reiki is a boon for students. Reiki comes in handy for improving memory and concentartion in the most effective way. Reiki also helps in overcoming fear almost instantaneously. Students who practice reiki have shown a significant increase in their Intelligent Quotient (IQ) and an enhanced memory power.

Reiki For Students

Memory power

      Memory power is required for students writing the examination. First you should understand how the lack of memory power arises. The brain is the main organ for memory. We have to activate the brain for a better memory power. In Reiki we use energy to activate the brain. When I say brain, I mean the right and left sides of the brain. We also use the visualization and affirmation techniques besides passing Reiki energy. That's why this system is very effective. For memory power, the students have to keep the two hands on the right and left sides of the brain. When you keep the hands, you automatically tap the Reiki energy from the universe. Because the intention is there to activate the brain, energy follows thought. The Reiki energy flows when you keep the hand on the area. If you do not have any time, you can also do it while you are studying. For example you keep one hand on head  and keep reading your book and also do this even when you are lying on the bed. When you sit in class you can keep one hand on head and do your writing. In this method, there is no time and space restriction. That's why this will be effective for improving the memory power. For many students, the memory power has improved after they practised this regularly.

Lack of Concentration

        This is a widespread problem faced by many students. They are not able to concentrate and there are many distractions. When they are studying, many thoughts come and interfere. For concentration power, we have to further activate the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland is in the forehead. Keep the hand on the forehead and on the back head. When the forehead is activated, the pituitary gland gets charged. The pituitary gland, which is called master gland, secretes 10 types of hormones. The face becomes bright, clarity of thinking improves and you will be able to concentrate better.


  Examination Fear

      The stress and tension during examination time are common for all. Fear is one of the major factor that drains our energy, with fear there is no clarity of thought. Reiki works almost instantaneously with fear, In the advanced Level II reiki , Students are introduced to symbols. These are secret reiki symbols. They do not have power as such, but reiki energy activates and empowers them . There are specific symbols for most common needs. There are symbols for removing fear too. We can use these symbols whenever neccessary and can get instant results. The symbols work on us until we are healed completely. Thus we can easily over come fear with reiki.

To improve Self-confidence

        Many students do not have faith in themselves. They feel that they are inferior. This may be due to the past trauma they had in their school days or college days or at home . This trauma would be remaining in their subconscious mind. Reiki works on an individual wholly, just by practicing reiki one is healed wholly and completely. In addition to this the use of specific symbols help us to boost our confidence and face the reality with great vigor and confidence.

  Logical thinking

        Some students are confused and are not able to think coherently. For example, if a businessman makes a wrong decision, he loses money. Clarity of thinking is a must for anybody. "A sound mind in a sound body" goes the saying. First, the body has to be in good condition.
        For logical thinking and professional success one has to concentrate on the vishudha chakra (throat chakra). Reiki has to be applied in this energy center along with the use of certain symbols that expands our mental capabilites giving us a clear insight on our logocal thinking thought process.