Yoga is a means to attain spiritual perfection. It involves various physical postures and positions and also practice of breathing techniques which clears and all the nadi or energy meridians in our body and this also considerably increases the flow of life force energy through the body, thus bring up sound physical health and rejuvenating the body mind and soul. Though the practise of yoga seems like physical exercise . it is actually very scientific and each posture activates the energy meridians at various parts of the body and releases the blockages in the corresponding parts and brigs about health and heals the diseases and other ailments pertaining to that specific part of the body. There are many yogic postures and sutras for different ailments,

Yoga is a science that is a 1000 years old in ancient India and is passed on from guru to deciple . Yoga as become very popular form of exercise in the recent years due to its proven results and it is very effective to the type of effort made.

Yoga revitalizes the body and mind. Normally when one do exercises one gets tired but the practise of yoga actually energizes the body and mind. One feels at peace , relaxed and energized.