Reiki Healing Session

Reiki energy gives a warm soothing feeling.It makes your mind go into a blissful state .Its effect is so serene some of us go into a state of deep sleep or slumber .So It is recommended we lie down when we receive Reiki Healing. Reiki Healing session generally lasts for an hour.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is the art of channelling unique divinely guided life force energy through the healer and passing the energy on to the person who is being healed. As the energy is being channelled the reiki healer is also healed and energized during the healing session. The healing energy possesses innate intelligence. reiki is a divinely guided energy, it knows how and what to heal.

Learning Reiki

Reiki can be learned by anyone. No academic qualification is required to learn Reiki. You need not be spiritually active either. Learning Reiki is nothing but the process of converting ourselves to be a medium for Reiki energy. This is done by the process called Reiki attunement. Reiki attunement releases the karmic impressions of a person and makes him/her a medium for Reiki energy. Reiki attunement is done by the Reiki master. After Reiki attunement the student can feel the flow of Reiki energy through their body especially through their hands and palm.

Distant Healing

Distant Healing or absent healing simply means that the healee is not present in the vicinity of the healer. In fact, the healee can be in another room, building, city, country, and continent, basically anywhere in the world. Distant healing works because Reiki energy is omnipresent. The healer guides and directs the Reiki energy to the healee thus, remotely healing him. Distant healing is more effective than touch healing in most cases.

Benefits of Reiki

Reiki helps us 1. to acquire perfect physical and mental health.

2. to heal others.(In the process of healing others we get healed ourselves)

3. to keep our composure and stay calm when we are in distress.

4. to increase our extra sensory perception.

5. to refresh ourselves (charge our psychic batteries) physically and mentally in a short period of time.

6. to accelerate manifestation our desires,goals and visions.

Third Eye Reiki Services™ is a center of excellence for   Reiki Classes in chennai. It   is a world class reiki healing and training center in India that blends seamlessly with nature. The center is dedicated for reiki and other alternative holistic healing. Healing sessions are conducted ever weekday. A variety of classes are conducted regularly every weekend.

         The center is run by reiki master teacher A.B. Saveetha M.A. . She is an active meditator and social worker for 15 years. She has been practicing reiki for ten years and has successfully healed numerous people. She is a philanthropist, yoga teacher, magnified healing master/teacher, reiki master/ teacher.

Reiki is a divine intervention aimed at equipping people with the ability to channel energy from higher dimensions and transmuting energy into different expressions of the same universal life force energy, it helps in manifesting ones desires.   Reiki training in Chennai   helps one to transcend the four dimensional reality of the physical world one experiences in the waking state.
Why learn Reiki?

Any one can learn reiki; it only requires a willingness to   Learn Reiki   and an open mind to accept the flow of reiki and the reiki attunement. During a reiki attunement the reiki master simply passes on his power to heal and to channel reiki energy. Once the attunement is done the student immediately gets the flow of reiki energy in them and they can vividly feel this flow of energy in their system.

It is very easy for the students to learn how to use this reiki energy to heal one self and others, apart from this one also learns hoe to use reiki symbols and also perform distant healing i.e. healing others from any part of the world remotely. More over learning reiki does not demand any prior knowledge in reiki, spirituality and other related fields.
Reiki classes are taken in a weekend as full day course, it is a very practical oriented course and one practically learns how to heal by actually healing the partner in the reiki class, since it is practical one does not forget how it is done. The Important part of the course is the reiki attunement and learning the reiki symbols and how to apply them.

Reiki Healing Session

Reiki healing can be done by touch healing or in the aura and also as distant healing, typically reiki healing session lasts for an hour, and for most problems it is given in group of three session over a span of three days and other complicated problems the healing is given for five days and the effect of the healing and the healing it self takes place for twenty one days automatically.

During the healing session the healer feels a deep sense of calmness and goes into a deep slumber, often one goes to sleep. Mental and psychological problems can be effectively healed by reiki. During the healing session the karmic impressions of the healee gets released and this results in healing to take place.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a divinely guided energy that flows once initiated from the cosmos to the crown chakra of the reiki practitioner then through their palm chakra. Reiki energy can be felt as it flows. The practitioner is a mere channel to the reiki energy, gets healed and energized during the process of reiki treatment or therapy.
Reiki has innate intelligence to know and heal. Reiki is a divinely guided healing energy, so it knows how and what to heal.

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