Sanskrit Name: Ajna

Meaning: To perceive, to command

Location: Center of the head slightly above eye level

Element: Light

Essential Form: Image

Function: Seeing, intuition

Gland: Pineal

Other Body Parts: Eyes
Malfunction: Blindness, headaches, nightmares, eyestrain, blurred vision

Color: Indigo

Seed Sound: Om

Vowel Sound: (not really a vowel in this case) mmmm

Petals: Two

Sephira: Binah, Chokmah

Planets: Jupiter, Neptune

Metal: Silver

Foods: Entheogens

Corresponding Verb: I see

Yoga Path: Yantra yoga

Herbs for Incense: Mugwort, star anise, acacia, saffron

Minerals: Lapis lazuli, quartz, star sapphire

Animals: Owl

Guna: Sattva

Lotus Symbols: Two white petals around a circle, within which is a golden triangle pointing downward (trikuna) containing the lingam, and the seed sound om; in the pericarp, the Shakti, Hakini, with six red faces and six arms, seated on a white lotus; above her, a crescent moon, the Bindu dot of manifestation, Shiva in the form of lightning flashes.

Hindu Deities: Shakti Hakini, Paramasiva (form of Shiva), Krishna

Other Pantheons: Themis, Hecate, Tara, Isis, Iris, Morpheus, Belenos, Apollo

Ajna Chakra
Reference: Chakras Wheels Of Life by Anodea Judith, Ph.D.
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