Psychic chords are tube like chords that are present between persons and between objects. Psychic chords are also present for desire, addictions and feelings. Psychic chords acts as mediums through which energy is transferred from person to person and also between person and other objects and even beings of light.

Often one's energy gets drained through the psychic chords and thus it is a good practise to periodically cut all the psychic chords of fear that are draining one's energy and vitality using the angels like quantum angel and thirdeyereiki angels or even archangels.

Psychic chords have no restrictions of space and time they can pass through walls and other obstacles. All relationships have a lot of psychic chords between the chakras of the persons in the relationship. For a healthy relationship psychic chords of love & healing should be present between them. So it is a good practise to cut negative psychic chords to maintain good relationship.

To invoke the thirdeyereiki angels visualize the thirdeyereiki logo which is a powerful symbol and then say" I invoke the thirdeyereiki angels the angels of will , passion and direction , please come to me now" then to cut the psychic chords say "Please cut the psychic chords of fear that are draining my energy and vitality , oh great angels of light please fill me with your light and heal and energize me wholly and completely". The presence of the thirdeyereiki angels can be sensed and definitely help is at hand.

Psychic chords