The use of reiki Symbols is an integral part of reiki healing. Reiki Symbols are portals through which the corresponding energy that the symbols represent is channelled into the healing. These symbols are sacred and are revealed only to reiki healers.

There are a variety of symbols that are used to solve various problems some symbols types are

Power Symbol - base symbol gives power to all other symbols and also activates them.

Energising Symbol - Used for the purpose of energizing and increasing the energy.

Cleansing Symbols - used to cleanse and remove negative energy.

Healing Symbols - Heals the particular area or situation.

Penetration and Distant Healing Symbol - Used to penetrate dense energy fields and used for distance healing.

Shielding Symbols - These symbols help to shield the applied reiki symbols within the aura.

Integrating symbols - Integrates all the energies used.

Prosperity Symbols - Gifts one with prosperity.


     Applying these various symbols helps one to heal and energize oneself and any situation wholly and completely. Especially Mental and emotional healing symbol helps one to heal all the disruptive emotions and promotes stable mental health.

Reiki Symbols and Healing