Third Eye Reiki Angels and Quantum Angel

         There exist three angels that correspond to the unique energies that are associated with Third Eye Reiki. These are potent beings of light who have a consciousness of their own and they help young reiki aspirants in the practise of the art of reiki. The three third eye reiki angels correspond to will, passion and direction

Quantum angel

      Quantum angel is the angelic form of Quantum Light energy. We can invoke Quantum Angel to work with Quantum Light and apply Quantum Shield.

        We can invoke there angels by mere thought and they help us in 

* Healing - Invoking angels while healing assist us by sending their healing energy along with us and they merge their hand with the healers and heal the situation wholly and completely.

* Space clearing and cleansing is an important and integral part of healing and one can also get help from the angels to clear living spaces , object , articles and crystals .

* Intuitive guidance - usually during healing one has to have good intution to heal specific parts or conditions these are automatically done by the angels and more often the healer is intuitively guided by the angels

* Performing psychic surgery - Angels are invoke to perform psychic surgery along with the healer.

* Working with psychic chords - angels are helpful in cutting negative psychic chords and those that of addiction and help us recover from addiction etc.

* Spirit releasement - Angels can be employed to release spirits , extract entities and evil eye and send them to light.

Manifesting one's desires - angels helps one to create a psychic super pathway to manifest one's aspirations and desires.

Shielding - Divine protection - We can invoke angel for shielding ourselves from psychic attack and other lower energies