Nadi are pathways through which prana or life force energy flows to different parts of our body and consciousness from the universe. The chakras are energy centers that draw in life force energy and these charkas are connected to a mesh of energy pathways called nadis which propagate the energy to various parts of the body mind and consciousness. There are more that 72000 nadi in our human system.

It is usually due to the presence to physic debris in these nadi path ways that the flow of energy is blocked and there arises disease in the parts of the body as they are not able to rejuvenate themselves with the life giving life force energy.

Nadis work at the level of energy and those psychic debris and other past life psychic and karmic impressions which block the flow of Life force energy through the nadis can be easily released , cleansed healed and removed with the practise of reiki. There exist a set of sacred reiki symbols that are used in the practise of reiki that helps one to clear activate and enhance the flow of Life Force Energy through the nadis and the chakras.


There exist three major nadis they are ida , pingla and sushumna. Ida and pingla corresponds to the two hemispheres of the brain .Pingla is the solar nadi corresponds to the right hand side of the body and the left hemisphere of the brain. Ida is the lunar nadi corresponds to the left hand side of the body and the right hemisphere of the brain.

The sushumna nadi is the central nadi that goes along the spinal chord from the base of the spine i.e. the muladhar chakra to the crown chakra. When the sushumna nadi is open it balances the Ida and Pingla nadi and acts as a pathway for the Kundalini shakthi at the base of the spine to raise all the way up to the crown chakra.