Reiki Healing Process
We will now see how a typical reiki session is carried on. The following steps are taken.

Healing start.

Going to alpha state -
It is a state of mind we are just before getting to sleep. One has to get into alpha state and carry out the entire healing from the alpha state.

Invocation and protection - then an invocation is done in the form of prayer invoking the presence of all the reiki masters and reiki angels, archangels, ascended masters, guides, Quantum angel and thirdeyereiki angels. Then one has to put a shield of divine white light to protect oneself during a reiki healing session.

Reiki Channel - then the flow of reiki energy is invoked to flow from the crown chakra to the palm chakra to heal and energize the person wholly and completely.

Pass the reiki healing energy - Now the reiki energy channelled is passed on to the healee and various hand positions for reiki treatments are placed to address various issues and problems.

Projecting and Sealing Symbols - The different reiki symbols are used for healing by drawing them on the third eye or on the area of distress or by projecting the necessary symbols from one's mind's eye usually the mantra associated with the reiki symbol is also chanted as the energy is being passed. once the reiki healing is done the energy is sealed using reiki sealing symbols.

Reiki Circle - At the end of the healing session the person being healed is put in an reiki circle (discussed in detail in reiki classes ). This is for the purpose of protecting one and shielding their desires and aspirations in order to manifest them.

Thanking the Angels - We have to show our gratitude and compassion by thanking every one who had helped during the healing session.

Healing end.