Angelic Healing

     Healing with angels is very effective. Angels are beings of light with a consciousness of their own they are all knowing and have access to higher dimensions they can channel energy from higher dimensions into our four dimensional reality. Angels can very effectively change our thought patterns and infuse positively into our system.

     Angels are usually called upon during a healing session. Some typical angels called upon are Archangels, Reiki angels, Thirdeyereiki angels, Quantum angel, etc. During a healing session the angels surround the place of healing and clear the space to prepare foe healing then the reiki healer make an invocation and prayer to the angels asking for their assistance during the healing session. Reiki practitioners usually invoke their reiki masters, and all the reiki masters presence and also invoke the presence of Ascended Masters.
     During the healing session as the reiki practitioner invokes and channels the reiki energy and places the hands on the healee. The angel after a few moments of healing merges their hands with the practitioner's hands and send the healing energy. Also the energy that is released during a healing session is transmuted and disposed off by the angels.

     The presence of the angels can be felt as pressure changes in the air and feeling of changes in temperature (it gets warm); Clairvoyant Healers can see their presence and get their guidance. Clairaudient healers can hear them speaking and guiding them through out the healing session.

     Angels have no restriction of time and space so they can be present in infinite number of places with the same level of commitment. So we do not have to worry about the angels getting tired or having to trouble the angels by asking them to be present for healing. Infact we can ask the angels to be present with us at all times and protect us and shield us psychically from all sorts of negativity.