Experiencing Healing Session
    Reiki Healing is a gift from the divive it gives instantaneous and everlasting solution to various problems faced in our life.

So what does one exatly feel during a reiki healing session?

     The first thing is that reiki is extremely gentle and soothing healing energy it acts like a tranqualizer and takes us into a deep relaxing state of peace, happiness and relaxation.

     Reiki healing energy channeled by the reiki practitioner is felt as a warm soothing energy that enters the place where the reiki energy is applied. Sometimes the healing energy is also felt as cool breeze.

     The practitioner is intutively guided and the reiki healing energy has an inate intelligence of its own and one does not need complete understanding of the situation being healed in order heal it as the energy takes care of this part. The reiki practitioner is a mere channel and medium for cahnnelling reiki energy for healing.

     There is an instant clarity that is got at the mental and emotional level when reiki healing is done and reiki symbols are applied to the healee. All the emotional and disruptive thoughts and depressive feelings are washed away by reiki healing. The thought pattern changes and one gets a fresh prespective and insight into life with a positive attitude and aproach.

     Reiki healing also clears karmic impressions and other negetive psychic impressions from the body, mind and soul. There are specific reiki symbols that can be used to release karmic entanglements.