Experiences shared by a few after Reiki Healing

     “I met with an accident while travelling in my scooter. I had a severe fractured upper arm and was operated by a orthopaedic surgeon. After the surgery with metal inserts i was having a gruelling pain for several days and could not lift my arms or move my arms .It was a chance meeting with A.B. saveetha and was given Reiki healing for five consecutive session and to my surprise had a tremendous improvement and could lift my hands at the end of the first session.”

Mrs.Uma, scientist - Madurai(India)

      " I went into deep depression immediately after the birth of my 2nd child. I was kept in sedation as I started to be very violent towards others and also to my new born baby. Mrs.A.B.Saveetha gave me reiki Healing I was ok on 3rd day and completely normal on the 5th day provided . The beauty of the Reiki healing is that i was in my place and and Reiki healing session was given by A.B.saveetha from her place without having to visit Third Eye Reiki Services. (This is in fact called as distance healing)."

Mrs.Mahalakshmi, House wife Madurai(India)

    " I had severe spinal pain and migraine headache . My pain was so severe that I could not even sit in a comfortable position. As no medication helped, I called Mrs.A.B.Saveetha for reiki treatment. I was ok within two days of reiki treatment."

Mrs. Angela, dentist- chromepet, Chennai(India)

     " I had severe vomiting since the day I conceived my first child. Up to 7 months no medication worked. Thanks to Mrs.A.B.Saveetha's reiki treatment, I was fine on the very 2nd day of reiki healing."

Mrs.Gowri  - Chennai(India)

     Our pet dog “Om”, a 45-day old puppy (Labrador retriever) was very ill and was in the verge of collapsing. It had severe vomiting and diarrhoea. I gave healing to Om frequently for three days and was back to normal and today is a 8 month hyper active pet at home.

Mrs A B Saveetha - Reiki Master (Third Eye Reiki Services )