Mental Healing

     Mental healing is done by healing the mind and parts of our consciousness awareness. Mental disorders arise due to clogged energies in our consciousness. Since we are dealing with lower energy entanglement in one's energy body it can be easily corrected with reiki healing.

     There is no specific way to sharpen concentration, improve memory and intelligence quotient. But with reiki healing we can easily scale the memory and intelligence to one's personal requirement. There are specific guidelines that are to be followed in reiki to achieve this.

Reiki helps to address common problems such as,

* Being unsuccessful due to lack of self-assurance.

* Alienating oneself of the social environment that one aspires and a feeling of inferiority.

* Due to presence of fear of various kind and phobias.

* Interior or exterior Specific Conflict.

* Long durations of professional failure.

* Repetition of cataclysmic events in life.

* Addiction of various sorts such as drugs, work, gambling, food or people.

* Presence of heavy disease that makes you reconsider your life.

* Problems in relationships with your mother, father, son, daughter, or your partner.

     Mental healing especially is very much dealt with in detail in ThirdEyeReiki Level II classes where we use powerful reiki symbols and affirmations for mental healing