Healing is a term that refers to the process of restoration of the body and mind to a state of balance and good health. Cure is not healing, cure is merely suppression of the symptoms, where as in healing the root of the situation is healed wholly and completely and the problem is completely solved.

    Healing is an art. In reiki Healing is done by channeling Life force Energy (LFE). LFE is that energy is present in all animate and inanimate things. LFE is that energy that makes a flower bloom that makes the heart beat that make the root of the tree grow towards the water. All the functions of the body are governed by the flow of this LFE through the body. Due to the presence of certain blockages and psychic debris in the nadi (the energy pathways through which LFE flows) there raises diseases in the body.

    Reiki energy can be channeled and applied to these parts where there is less flow of LFE to promote healing and remove the blockages and there by healing the situation wholly and completely; this ensures that there is free flow of LFE and the Disease is healed from the root.

    During a healing session one experiences a deep sense of relaxation and one often goes to sleep or into a deep state of slumber. This is natural and the reiki healer often allows the person to go to sleep as it promotes healing. Some people experience a sense of warmth in the places where there is heavy flow of energy. Also Visions of various sorts and colors appear in the mind's eye.

    Healing is the process during which the internal colors of any situation or condition are transmuted with the healing energy into a new stable and balanced color pattern that promotes health and healing. Reiki energy has innate intelligence it knows how to heal and energize a person wholly and completely. The work of a reiki healer is that of a mere channel through which they channel the reiki energy, they kneed not instruct the energy how to heal. The reiki energy all knows it knows how to heal effectively.

    The channeling of reiki energy is done through the light channel of one's body that passes through the spine along all the seven major chakras. As one constantly practices reiki by carrying out reiki healing and practicing reiki meditation the width of the Light channel increases. As the Light Channel expands one is able to channel reiki energy more effectively and also their aura expands drastically and they become a magnetic personality.