Effects of Healing

     Healing is a natural process of reorganising energies in order to restore and promote health. How does one exactly feel during a reiki healing session?

     Often the feedback we get about a reiki healing session is that it is very calm relaxing and soothing. Many people go to sleep during a reiki healing session. This actually promotes healing.

     Another feedback we get is that they have a sense that their problem is worsened say after about 30 minutes of healing, this is not true What exactly happens is called Healing Crisis. A healing Crisis is a phase of healing during which the process of reorganization takes place and the energy is totally being transmuted and rearranged during this process the buried problems gets surfaced into the consciousness of the person being healed and then gets released and disposed off the person's system.

     Apart from feeling sleepy one goes into a state of deep slumber, the feeling is extremely pleasant and relaxing.

Here are some common things that can be accomplished with reiki.

* Reiki helps to relieve pain.

* Reiki calms us. It provides deep relaxation, reduces stress comfort & peace.

* Reiki helps to improve and boost the immune system.

* Reiki relieves one from emotional distress and sorrow. It cleanses and clears draining emotions and offers perspective.

* Reiki brings clarity in various spiritual aspects of our being.

* Reiki helps client to improve confidence level and self esteem.

* Blood circulation is improved by reiki and it also stops small bleeding.

* Reiki can heal and cleanse organs (lungs, liver, heart, kidney, spleen, gall bladder, pancreas etc.)

* Reiki is useful in treating symptoms of imbalance, Acute and chronic conditions , disorders related to stress, Conditions related to Sinus , asthma, arthritis, depression, sciatica, cystitis, menopause, back, migraine and insomnia- to name a few.

* Recovery from surgery and long term illness is speeded up by reiki. Reiki reduces side- effects and adjust to medicine and treatment. For Example Chemo Therapy patient who underwent reiki therapy noticed side effects of treatment have reduced.

* Reiki heals everyone like adults, pets, children, babies and elderly.

* Reiki can be used to heal pets from stress, trauma, separation anxiety and recover from illness.

* Environment is purified by reiki.

* Athletes heal from injury faster and perform well with the help of reiki.

* Energy Levels is increased by reiki.

* Stress is reduced and relieved with reiki.

* Clients are helped in grieving process with reiki.

* Creativity is promoted by reiki.

* The self healing abilities of the bodies is accelerated by reiki .

* Good Sleep is induced by reiki.