What can be accomplished with reiki 

* Manifesting one's desires 

* Healing and Energizing - Reiki has an innate intelligence to know heal and energize any situation problem and mental or physical condition.

* Clearing psychic debris - We suffer from various problems often these problems or trauma gets accumulated as psychic debris in various parts of our system , reiki is very effective in clearing them and thus healing one.

* Activating Chakras - Reiki energy is very effective in activating vital energy vortexes called chakras. Healthy chakras are very important in maintaining a sound body and mind.

* Clear Communication with the ever expansive Super Consciousness.

* Cleansing and Healing the psyche, Mental Healing arise due to certain blockages and disruptive energizes in the psyche and these can be effectively healed with reiki.

* Sound Physical Health, Reiki Healing increases the quantum of Life Force Energy Stored and flowing through the body, thus promoting good physical health.

* Recharging the Psychic Batteries - vital energy for carrying the day to day work is stored in the solar plexus of our energy system, often this energy reserve called psychic battery get depleted and we feel tired. Reiki helps one to recharge this reserve called psychic battery at one's will thus energizing us and keeping us active and energetic.

* Experiencing the omnipresent Source- while invoking reiki energy we are connected to the super consciousness this enables one to experience the divine aspect of oneself.

* Meditation - Getting attuned with the inner self and easily getting into meditative state.

* Feeling and experiencing the divine love radiating from within in all direction indefinitely connecting with the source. During a Reiki Attunement one's spiritual chakras and centers are opened for life and this enables one to channel reiki and other higher energies like Quantum light.

* Channel divine energy and elevate one's consciousness to experience higher dimensions.