Quantum Shield

      Quantum shield is the psychic Shield that engulfs the person and protects him from evil eye, entities, negative energy and Psychic chords that can drain one's energy.

       The Shield is dazzling white in color it protects one from all directions and dimensions one is living. This Shield is invoked by invoking quantum light.

       Any event or thought in ones mind that is focused on some activity , objects or other persons. At the energy level psychic chords are created. These psychic chords are soft tube like they carry energy and information. These psychic chords are not obstructed by any walls as they do not have any restrictions of space and time . These can be modified by higher healing energies like quantum light.

      If one is suffering from addictions or carvings then there are psychic chords corresponding to these latched on to that person , these can be effectively released using Quantum Shield  and one can protect themselves from these psychic chords from resurfacing.

      Generally when one is involved in daily activities psychic chords get developed and these psychic chords drain one's energy and this is the reason for feeling slump, guilt, fear and also other emotions that forms many obstacles in life.

       The Quantum Shield severs these negative psychic chords and then transmutes the residual psychic debris coming from negative psychic chords into positive energy, thus it acts like a firewall.