FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who needs reiki?

Every known illness and injury and also serious problems like cancer, heart diseases can be given to mental disorders and depression. Even broken bones, skin problems, flu, sore throat, insomnia, impotence, blood pressure diabetes, etc, can be treated with reiki. Reiki works in harmony with all other kinds of treatment.
Children, students and people of all walks of life can be given reiki treatment.

2. Who can learn reiki?

Children above the age of 14 can learn reiki. Any one can learn reiki. Reiki is not a religion. The ability to learn reiki is not dependant on intellectual capacity. Reiki is a pure form of healing non dependant on individual talent or acquired ability.

3. Why Reiki?

It does not take years of practice. To learn reiki. It is simply passed on from the teacher to the student. As soon as this happens, one has the ability to channel reiki and can use it to heal oneself and others. While giving reiki treatment both healer and healee are healed. The healing is instant in most cases.
Distant healing is also possible with reiki; anyone across the globe can be given reiki, from any part of the world. The distant healing is no way inferior to touch healing. In both cases, the energy will be the same. Practicing reiki is easy, simple, at the same time effective. Practicing reiki will bring out your hidden talents in no time. And transform you into an achiever and you will be lead on to the highway of success.

4. Can reiki cause harm?

Reiki has intelligence of its own. It is fully positive energy. Reiki flows and heals in that part of the body which is dis-eased. Otherwise there will be no flow of energy. Reiki is divinely guided , it can never cause harm both to the healer and healee.

5. Can I continue to receive regular medical treatment along with reiki?

Yes, you can. Reiki will improve the results of any medical treatment. It reduces or eliminates pain and stress and shortens healing time. Reiki has also been used in conjunction with psycho therapy trauma and other issues

6. Is Distant healing as effective as touch healing?

Yes, both healing are equally effective, from my own experience. I find both to be equally good and effective. Since the healing is carried out by Reiki - The Universal Life Force Energy, which is present everywhere, time and distance, is not a matter at all.

7. Can I overcome stress using reiki?

Yes, you can. Reiki is a very effective method for managing stress. Almost 80 % of the diseases are caused by stress. Reiki energy dissolves anything which creates tension, unpleasantness and fatigue. The blockages in physical mental and emotional levels are eliminated, thereby increasing the resistance to diseases, thus making reiki an effective stress buster.

8. How does Reiki heal?

Since Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy and present everywhere, it is present within you also. Reiki enters our body through chakra, meridians and nadis. It also flows around us in our aura. If the flow of Life Force Energy within us is low, we are vulnerable to diseases. Sometimes the blockage in the chakras and nadis restricts the flow of Life Force Energy.
BY increasing the flow of Life Force Energy within us and also by removing blockages in physical, mental and emotional levels and also by cleansing our aura, we are less likely to get sick. Reiki energy either burns or melts the blockages and heals the affected parts of the body by charging them with positive energy.

9. Does Reiki help me in positive thinking?

Reiki is responsive to thoughts and feelings. Positive thoughts increase the flow of energy and negative thoughts disrupt the flow of energy. When negative thoughts are accumulated in the subconscious mind, they create a permanent disruption of Life Force Energy.
Reiki is very effective in eliminating these negative thoughts which effects us physically also. Once the block is removed and charged with positive energy, which in turn gives way to positive thinking - a key to successful and healthy life.

10. Will my energy get drained while giving Reiki treatment to others?

Reiki is abundant in cosmos. You only taps or channels it and gives it to others in the form of healing. So your energy is not depleted. Instead both the healer and healee are healed and charged with positive energy during a reiki treatment session. You will never get drained during a reiki session. You will feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

11. Will I be able to heal effectively as soon as I learn reiki?

Yes the moment one receives the reiki attunement one gets the flow of reiki in their palms and the reiki class is practical oriented one is trained to heal others in the class.

12. Does one need prior knowledge of any sort to learn reiki?

No prior knowledge of any sort is required to learn reiki all the information required to practice reiki effectively is given in the class, when one is attuned the energy flows automatically and can use this heal themselves and others.

13. Will my energy get depleted when I heal others?

When reiki is invoked they become a channel of reiki, there is a continuous flow of reiki from the divine, so one's energy does not get depleted when one heals others.

14. Will I get others karma when I use reiki to heal others?

No, while practicing reiki one places themselves in shield called the golden reiki circle. This protects them in all ways at all times, so there is no possibility of getting others karma.

15. How long should I give reiki?

A typical reiki healing session lasts for about an hour, the duration of reiki healing depends upon the condition for which the healing is given for some problems say mental conditions get healed in about five minutes and in other cases instantaneous healing also takes place. Reiki is divinely guided it has an innate intelligence of its own, the flow of reiki automatically stops when the condition is healed wholly and completely.

16. Is distant Healing as powerful as direct healing?

Reiki is omnipresent it is present in everyone everything and everywhere. So Distant Healing as powerful as direct healing

17. Is there any condition required to give reiki like timing and other conditions like empty stomach?

No there are no conditions except that reiki should not be given to a person who is travelling or while travelling as there is a possibility of feeling giddy.

18. Can I give reiki to a child?

Yes reiki can be given to children and often children are more receptive to reiki and get healed fast and more effectively.

19. Can stress be managed with reiki?

Stress is a form of stagnant or entangled energy; this can be easily released with reiki. During a reiki session the healee gets into a deep slumber and experiences a deep sense of peace and happiness.

20. How can I help others using reiki energy?

We can give a general healing with reiki energy; protect them by giving a reiki golden circle shield. Scan their body to find out what the problem is.

21. Can I give reiki to animals and birds?

Yes, animals and birds are very receptive to reiki and they respond positively to reiki energy. Reiki can be applied to domesticated animals and birds and also plants and crops of various kinds in farms to increase the yield.

22. How does reiki help in enhancing positive thinking?

Reiki energy can be used to open, cleanse and energize the crown chakra, as the crown chakra is the energy center for good thought and positive thinking. There are also a lot of sacred symbols in reiki which heals one mentally and promote positive thinking.

23. Can we heal anyone in any part of the world using Reiki energy?

Yes, Using Reiki distant healing technique one can heal anyone in any part of the world remotely using Reiki energy. This type of distant healing is as effective as direct healing.

24. Can I give reiki while traveling?

No, Reiki should not be given to a person, who is traveling or while traveling as there is a possibility of feeling giddy,

25. At what age one can learn reiki?

One can start learning reiki at the age of 14.

26. Can Pregnant women learn reiki?

Yes, Pregnant women can learn reiki.