What is Life Force Energy?

LFE is an auto-energizing force which forms the basis of the universe to both maintain and to destroy for further creation. It permeates each individual as well as the universe at all levels. It acts as physical energy, mental energy, where the mind gathers information and as intellectual energy where information is examined and filtered. All that vibrates in this Universe is LFE: heat, light, gravity, magnetism, vigor, power, vitality, electricity & life are all forms of LFE. It is the cosmic personality, potent in all beings and non-beings. It is the prime mover of all activity. It is the wealth of life. This self-energizing force is the principle of life and consciousness.

Life Force Energy is the ultimate building block of the universe. All matter in the universe is ultimately made up of an atom which in turn is made up of sub-atomic particles protons, neutrons and electrons. These are ultimately made up of Super- Strings.

Reiki Healing Energy.

Reiki Healing energy is a divinely guided healing energy with an innate intelligence of its own to know and heal any situation wholly and completely. Once initiated to reiki one can feel the flow of reiki energy through the crown chakra and then flowing into the body and then through the palm chakras which then can be used to heal any one or any situation at hand.
The procedure for healing is simple one has to invoke reiki energy and then channel the reiki energy and then proceed with healing. One need not instruct the energy so as how to heal or what quantity of healing energy is required to heal, the healing energy knows for itself , it is all knowing. Reiki healing energy is very safe form of healing it can be practised by anyone and is completely safe.

Nature Of Reiki Healing Energy.

Reiki healing energy is a concentrated form of healing energy which is used to enhance modify the energy that constitutes the energy grid upon which our physical by is placed. By modifying or replacing this energy healing takes place this work is done very effectively and easily with reiki energy.
Energy of Prosperity.
Reiki Healing energy is the energy of prosperity and abundance. It dissolves all the stagnant energy that is there due to various karmic impressions and other psychic debris. The reiki energy expands the aura and brings in the energy of prosperity and abundance.

Reiki energy and Karma.

During the process of reiki attunement the past life karmic impressions are dissolved and released by the reiki energy and this enables the reiki student to receive this art of reiki and use it for the betterment of themselves and others. Also regular practise of reiki in the form of giving reiki healing can dissolve the karmic impressions and bring the influence of positive karma in one's life.

Reiki energy and Symbols

Reiki energy is sheer raw potential. This power can be manifested into different permanifestation of this energy using various sacred reiki symbols. Reiki symbols portals to different patterns of energy which we can invoked based upon our requirement e.g.: prosperity, shielding, energising, healing, distant healing, power, etc