Healing The Globe - Initiation

           Earth is our home, mother earth takes care of all the human needs and it is our responsibility to take care of our earth. One may wonder how an individual can contribute to the welfare of the earth. Every thing in nature is a form of energy, it is often due to imbalance in these energies and the presence of negative energy, cataclysmic events occur in earth .

          By sending healing energy to the earth and healing all plant, animal , birds, human and mineral and also healing the five elements we can heal and harmonize earth. Healing is a process of sending our unconditional love to the earth. This unconditional love heals, cleanses, balances and harmonizes the dynamism of energy on earth and enhances the positive energy of peace and abundance.

           We will be healing the earth by using Third Eye Reiki Angels And Quantum Angel The Angels will Momentarily Transferring Their healing powers through a mini initiation directly by the angels to channel thirdeyereiki energy , Quantum Light and Quantum Shield so that you can heal the globe effectively. The procedure for healing is as follows ,

           First get into the alpha state of mind relax your mind just watch the thoughts do not react just witness them now count from 10 to 1 as you count you get deeper and deeper into a relaxed state of mind.

           Now imagine that you are surrounded by the three Thirdeyereiki angels of passion, will and direction and the Quantum Angel. The angels now make that third eye contact. Visualize a stream of light flowing between the angels and your third eye. You will fell the thirdeyereiki energy & Quantum Light energy flowing into your crown chakra and into your hands, The energy of Quantum Light is very powerful beam of dazzling white light. Now visualize the globe spinning between your palms and send the channeled energy, stop the spinning of the globe if in some places more energy is flowing to harmonize the earth. Continue the healing to the entire visualization of the spinning globe from top to bottom for ten minutes . Now say "I invoke the Quantum Shield and apply it to the whole globe to protect it wholly and completely" then to protect oneself say "Oh, great Quantum Light please shield me with Quantum Shield" and visualize a Golden white shield being applied around you by the angels. Now to close the session thank god and the angels who helped you in the process of healing, then slowly rub your palms together and place them on your eyes and open your eyes.

            Repeat this process every day to effectively heal and energize the globe and to shield one self from negative energy and bring the energy of prosperity and abundance into one's life. Remember when we lend our hands to heal for a higher cause of common good we get benefited a thousand fold in return.

Healing The Globe.